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Protecting Yourself During Covid-19

In unfortunate times such as this, some of the unsavory characters of our community will try to use this situation to their financial benefit. Thankfully, PSCU is here to help with some tips on what to look out for to protect your hard-earned money. Nationwide, there has been an increase in reported scams related to COVID-19. Here are a few examples to keep an eye out for.

Malicious Apps: There have been reports of applications being uploaded to the Google Play store and Apple App store that have mimicked resource apps but have actually included malware to gather information from your phone.

Home Test Kits: Individuals have been trying to sell “home test kits” for COVID-19. These test kits are not real. Check with your local healthcare provider if you suspect you may have COVID-19 and need to be tested.

Fraudulent Deep Cleaning Services: Individuals have been going door-to-door offering a full deep-cleaning of homes for a high cost. In reality, these individuals have simply been scamming people out of their money and doing zero disinfecting or true cleaning.

Increased Phishing Emails: Everyone is used to getting junk mail and phishing mail nowadays, but the scammers are starting to send them out under the guise of COVID-19 related information, often updates, surveys, or breaking news.

Sales of Fake Merchandise: People have been attempting to sell fake or non-certified masks, fake hand sanitizer, or other supplies that are hard to come by during these events.

Investment Scams: With the downturn of the stock market, there has been a number of investment scams reported that promise to protect your life savings.

Charity Scams: Charity scams are always big where people ask for donations to send to the aid of a group in need, but in reality, the funds are pocketed by the individual asking for donations. Be extra diligent when choosing new charities to support, as they may not be what they advertise.

Corona Virus Remedies: There have been a large number of reports of people receiving phone calls from the CDC or healthcare providers offering a COVID-19 remedy or a reserved vaccine. The CDC has issued a statement that these calls should be disregarded and under no circumstance should the individual provide any personal information or money to the caller. Any news on a potential vaccine would likely come directly from the US Government.

During this time of uncertainty, use extra caution when dealing with any unknown individuals. People are out there trying to take your money; don’t let them! Remember, under no circumstances should you give out your mobile banking login to anyone. If anyone ever asks you for it, that should immediately tell you that it is a scam.

If you believe you may be a victim of a scam, contact us at (734) 641-8400 immediately.



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