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Savings accounts are ideal if you need quick and easy access to manage your savings account. It can also be used for overdraft protection when tied to your Public Service Credit Union checking account. We offer all kinds of solutions for your needs, including fee-free kids accounts!

Club Savings

Holiday and Vacation Club Accounts are ideal if you want to stop worrying about having enough money to buy gifts for friends and family or go on vacation and are tired of using high-interest credit cards. Save a little every month and use it when you're ready!

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Individual Retirement Accounts are ideal when you want to save for retirement. There are three types of IRAs—Traditional, Roth, and Rollover—each with different tax saving advantages.

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Safe Investment 

Certificates of Deposit are ideal if you are looking for a way to safely invest as little as $25 for a minimum of 6 months and want a guaranteed rate of return on your investment

Higher Interest 

Money Market Accounts are ideal if you can maintain a minimum monthly account balance of $2,500 and you want to earn more interest than what a regular savings account offers.

Round Up Savings

You can choose to opt into our new Round Up program by following this link. Once you sign up, every debit card purchase will be automatically rounded up to the nearest dollar, five dollars or ten dollars (depending on your preference). That change will then be deposited into a savings club account just for you.)

Savings Account Types

Savings Account

With any PSCU savings accounts, you can have quick and easy access to save and manage your funds. 

Club Accounts

With a PSCU Club savings account, you can save for the holidays, vacations, or life events throughout the year.

Retirement Savings

With a PSCU Retirement savings account allows you to plan your retirement by contributing to an account of your choice. 

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

With a PSCU Certificate of Deposit account, you can save and earn money by locking funds in with a fixed maturity date at a higher fixed interest rate. 

Money Market Account

With a PSCU Money Market account, you can save and earn higher dividends based on the amount of money being held in the account without locking funds.

Youth Accounts

With PSCU Youth Accounts, children and teens begin their financial journey learning about money, savings, and financial education while having fun. 

Savings Calculator

The calculators on this website are being provided for educational purposes only.

The results are estimates based on information you provide and may not reflect actual results.

The results of the calculations are not a promise or guarantee of a member's eligibility or terms for a specific product or service.

Public Service Credit Union is not responsible for the content, results, or accuracy of the information on the calculators.

The calculations are hypothetical examples designed to illustrate the impact compounding can have.

The examples are not representative of any investment class or specific security.

Savings Calculator
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