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How to Respond to Fraud

Whether you’re conducting transactions in person in Redford or purchasing and paying for things online, you should protect yourself from fraud and know how to respond to fraud. Having your routing number stolen or discovering your PIN has been stolen can be devastating, but you should take action quickly o prevent serious damage.

Signs of Credit Card Fraud and Debit Card Fraud

There are many ways you can be the victim of credit card or debit card fraud, although two of the more common ones are having your PIN or routing number stolen. If you notice any of these signs, you should contact your credit union or bank as soon as possible:

  • Unexpected charges on your checking, savings, or credit cards

  • Locked out of your online banking or credit card accounts (this can happen if someone is trying to brute force passwords to log in to your account)

  • Debit or credit card transactions being declined

  • Receiving suspicious calls from your bank on your account being locked or closed

If you notice any of these things occurring, you’ll want to reach out to your account providers as soon as possible so you can verify your information and close or freeze your account. Having a full record of your credit or debit usage will help you recover your finances even better. Be sure to take a closer look at your credit statements as they come through and be sure to updated your login information from your username, password, and PIN.

Steps to Prevent Fraud

There are many steps you can take to prevent credit card fraud and debit card fraud to ensure that your personal and financial records and information remain intact. These include:

  • When creating passwords, make sure to make them complex with characters or symbols, and unrelated to other personal information like your name and date of birth. You can further protect your login credentials by using two-factor authentication services and avoid using similar passwords for multiple accounts.

  • Have trouble remembering your passwords? Consider a password manager. They use two-factor authentication and keep your passwords locked down while auto-filling them where you need.

  • Avoid making online transactions using public Wi-Fi, as you could be exposed to malware or people trying to steal financial information off of the network.

  • Sign up for antivirus or spam protection so your mobile devices have the proper tools to prevent data breaches that lead to fraud.

Protect Your Financial Data at Public Service Credit Union

No matter if you’re making an ATM transaction around Romulus or want to know the best way to protect yourself from identity theft, Public Service Credit Union is here to provide you with everything you need to stay safe. We offer a range of services and banking solutions that keep your finances protected and ensure you stay on track toward your financial goals. Contact us today for more information on how to keep your credit and your money safe!

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