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Holiday Budgeting

The holiday spirit is alive as we enter the season of giving. While we are all shopping and hopefully getting great deals, it is important to be mindful of your budget and make sure that you are spending within your means.

When you’re out shopping, remember to buy what you came for. The stores know how to attract your attention to many other items you may not have intended to purchase. Resisting temptation is a big part of the holiday season.

Other tips and tricks are:

Shop online – This helps you save money on gas, and it gives you time to compare prices online. When buying online, select the gift option and send it straight to the recipient so you can save on shipping. Make sure you send it within a reasonable amount of time, so it arrives before the holidays. Consider alternatives to your holiday shopping; some prefer handmade gifts over store bought gifts. Always remember to add a few more gifts to your shopping lists.

We don’t really expect surprise gifts, but it happens…or just in case we forget to buy for someone. The holidays are right around the corner, but so is the New Year. Start planning and saving in January so when holiday expenses come up again you won’t be as stressed and worried about overspending.



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