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ATM Safety and Security

Whether you're using an ATM around Redford or you're across the country, you want to make sure that your money and financial information is kept away from prying eyes. Most people have an idea of what ATM security is, but many also only have part of the picture on how to safely use ATMs. Public Service Credit Union has some tips to help protect you against identity theft and fraud when using ATMs.

Using Credit Union ATMs Safely

The wide network of credit union ATMs is one of the biggest advantages afforded to members of our Detroit credit union. While it's important to stay secure at a familiar ATM, you should be extra aware and alert if you're using a credit union ATM you aren't familiar with. Before you reach for your debit card, you should check out the location of the ATM you want to use.

  • Is it well lit?

  • Can you access the ATM from your car?

  • Can you see a security camera?

  • Is the ATM behind a secure door?

You'll want to be extra aware of these questions when using an unfamiliar ATM or withdrawing money at night.

ATM Security and Safety Tips

Once you've decided to use an ATM, security is going to change a bit. Do your best to continue to be aware of your surroundings and:

  • First, inspect the ATM itself for any damage or if it looks suspiciously tampered. Some thieves may try to install cameras and card readers to steal your login information or PIN and put you at risk for identity theft.

  • If someone else is with you, ask them to stay back a bit. Sometimes just the presence of another person will stop someone from coming up to you.

  • Have your card, checks, or cash ready, or easily accessible so you’re not fumbling around with these important items.

  • When you key in your PIN, do your best to hide the keys you press, either with your other hand or by leaning over the key pad.

  • If you withdraw cash, put it away as quickly as possible.

  • Note if you have any problems with your ATM transaction, so you can report it back to your credit union or bank.

Keep Your Financial Data Safe with Public Service Credit Union

When it comes to ATM security, you can never be too cautious, but you should also know that your credit union or bank protects you against people using your accounts without your permission.

At Public Service Credit Union, you can find even more helpful resources on keeping your credit strong, monitoring your credit score, and so much more. You’ll also find a range of banking solutions available to help you meet your financial goals. Contact us today for more information on our credit union serving Redford, Romulus, and Detroit!

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