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High Quality Services. Similar to any other big bank, Public Service Credit Union offers a variety of financial services to its members. From interest bearing checking accounts to high yielding savings accounts, Public Service Credit Union is able to provide high-quality financial services to all of its members that will satisfy a variety of banking needs. Whether you are looking to get your first mortgage for a new home or a business loan to start your own enterprise, we are able to help you achieve your dreams with secure and reliable financial services. Not only can we provide nearly every service that a big bank offers, but we are also able to do it with more competitive interest rates and with better service for our members.
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Not A Member Yet? The Public Service Credit Union is one of the top credit unions in all of the United States. This means that members of our credit union enjoy some of the best benefits available anywhere in the country. Every one of our members is also a part-owner of the credit union, which means that whatever benefits the credit union also benefits you as a member. In addition to competitive interest rates and high-quality financial services, Public Service Credit Union also offers extensive identity theft protection with its Direct Advantage Plus checking accounts in order to ensure that our member's savings and credit scores remain in the best standing possible. Switching to Public Service Credit Union is as easy as a couple of clicks, and changing your financial institution will grant you access to a huge range of member benefits such as our expert financial advice.
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Lions and Tigers and Bears Redwings, Oh My! Out of all the credit unions in Michigan, Public Service Credit Union has always been there for the communities that it serves. We are a Michigan credit union, which means that if you are searching for a “credit union near me,” then you have found a financial institution that serves the communities that it is located in. The Public Service Credit Union has been heavily involved in the community for years, and we strive to maintain social responsibility in all of our actions. We believe in the value of being directly involved with our member’s communities. Not only do we see this as a way of making our relationships stronger, but we also see it as a way of securing our future together.