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Life Insurance

  • Provides protection for 10-, 15-, 20- or 30-year terms or a set number of years depending on your needs
  • Offers premiums and benefits that remain the same or vary depending on your policy
  • Offers lower monthly premiums to work with your budget

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Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection

Public Service Credit Union offers multiple Overdraft Protection options because we know nobody is perfect. When it comes to your Checking Account, even small mistakes can create big problems. These safeguards can protect you from the fees and embarrassment typically associated with an inadvertent overdrawn account.

Share Account Overdraft

Share Account Overdraft is automatically set up when a Checking Account is opened. This service links the member’s Checking Account with their Share Account, and debits the Share Account (including transfer fee, if applicable) when an item is presented for payment against insufficient funds.

Courtesy Pay

Each PSCU personal Checking Account can receive all of the benefits of Courtesy Pay. This service is for members who are in good standing and have direct deposit or payroll deduction of at least $800 per month into their Checking Account. This service automatically covers Checking Account overdrafts (up to $500) and allows each member up to 30 days to bring their account current.

Normal Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fees apply for each item that activates Courtesy Pay, but because the overdraft is paid, you avoid an external merchant or collection fees. In addition, you must have an active checking account for 90days. For more account protection, members can take advantage of Share Account or Line of Credit Overdraft Protection.

Courtesy Pay Regulations

Courtesy Pay Opt-In Form

*In an effort to avoid any NSF fees, PSCU will always first attempt a Share Account or Line of Credit Overdraft prior to implementing Courtesy Pay.


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  • Auto loan 3.49% apr*
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  • *The loan rate above is the lowest rate given at PSCU