I want to take a brief moment and talk a little bit about Public Service Credit Union and Twitter.  We have been tweating for nearly a year now on this fast-paced growing social medium.  For those that have been following me you already know that being a Twitter follower gets you a few extra benefits when it comes to promotions or special gifts during lobby days.  Our Twitter followers are also the FIRST to hear about special promotions or rate changes.  For instance did you know that there is a special college scholarship program running ONLY for Twitter followers in conjunction with our teen website, Elements (see Nadine’s post below)?  No?  Welllllll, then you might want to log onto Twitter, get yourself signed up and follow me, I can be found at

BUT I also want to tell you that following me on Twitter allows you access into a world of news and reports of what is happening around the country in regards to credit unions.  I currently follow nearly 100 other credit unions and credit union organizations, and will pass on anything that I see as relevant to you and your relationship to the PSCU family.  And there has been a wealth of information out there lately!  Did you know that just a few days ago CNN reported that now is the time to move your money to a credit union?  If you were a Twitter follower you would have known about it and maybe even clicked the link to watch the story yourself.  I know you know about receiving your one free credit report a year, but did you know how you get it?  I posted a link just today on Twitter on how to get your free credit report.   Check it out.  Did you know our rates changed on Jan. 1st?  If you were following us last week, you knew it on Dec. 30th, before anyone else.

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media networks out there, and if you want short bits of information quickly, then Twitter is definitely for you.  But ya gotta sign up to take full advantage of it.  And once you sign up, make it a regular habit to check it at least once a day…who knows you might find yourself downloading TweetDeck so you can monitor your twitter feed all day….like me 😉

Enjoy your day and hope to Tweet with you soon!!


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