Credit Unions in Michigan

Michiganders looking for an alternative to traditional banks have quite a few options, with a significant number of credit unions in Michigan to choose from. Choosing a credit union can be easy for some people, but others might have a range of options — like work- or school-based credit unions. With 231 credit unions to choose from in Michigan, though, you’re going to have to make some tough choices.

Public Service Credit Union

With 15 locations from Ann Arbor to Detroit and further north into the state, Public Service Credit Union is proud to serve all residents of Michigan — as well as those who come to our state to work, worship, or attend school. Looking to get some quick cash or traveling away from home for a bit? PSCU has access to one of the largest networks of ATMs with over 30,000 surcharge free ATMs at over 4,000 shared branch locations.

It takes just $25 to join, too.

School Credit Unions

Michigan has a few larger universities that offer credit unions, including:

  • Michigan State University Federal Credit Union
  • University of Michigan Credit Union

If you attend one of these schools, you may be eligible to become a member, but you will want to compare their available network of ATMs and any other benefits against larger credit unions. The convenience of being on or near campus might fade once you have that degree in hand.

Religious Organization Credit Unions

Religious organizations are pillars of their communities, and once they get large enough, they can often support a credit union. You may find the banking services you need handled by your local church, but these often smaller credit unions run into similar issues as school credit unions: ATM networks, branch locations, and bargaining opportunities for competitive loan rates.

Employee Credit Unions

While there is certainly going to be some overlap with the university credit unions, many of which are open to faculty and staff as well, employee-specific credit unions tend to be formed by employees of very large businesses — or members of unions with significant volumes of members, including the International United Auto Workers Federal Credit Union or the Teamsters Credit Union.

While employee credit unions are certainly convenient, the advent of direct deposit, online banking, and extensive credit union networks has decreased much of their impact. And some credit unions might make it feel like you’ve limited your options if you’ve ceased being an employee and found a different job.

Join a Credit Union Today

When it comes to where to store your money, you should choose somewhere that has your best interests at heart — somewhere like Public Service Credit Union. It might be convenient to sign up for a credit union at school, church, or through your employer, but Public Service Credit Union offers flexibility that it’s difficult for smaller credit unions to match.

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