Last-minute, Cheap and Easy, Valentine’s Day Ideas!

The big day is tomorrow. While this is a Hallmark holiday, and you should give your partner love and appreciation every day, you can’t skip out on V-Day. If you have put it off or if you don’t want to spend too much, here are some great last-minute ideas to make that special person in your life feel loved.
Gifts: It may be too late to order something on Amazon but here are some options you can pick up day of.
  1. Aldi: $12 dozen of roses, $8 Prosecco, $3 wine, $5 10-stem tulip bouquet, $3 truffles, and many more great deals. A great option to pick up after work. Here is the full sale paper.
  2. $7 Heart Shaped Pizza: We found this funky shape at Hungry Howies, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s.
  3. Made with Love: This might take a little more effort, but make one dish that your partner loves, but make it completely from scratch. Don’t do it by yourself, make them your sous-chef. Google a recipe, put on an apron and get to it! If it doesn’t turn out, who cares? The fun you two put in making this dish is most important.
  4. Do What You Hate: You know that movie that your partner LOVES and you can’t stand? Or that food you never eat together because you don’t like it? Make tomorrow a little less about you and more about them! No complaints, just compliance.
Experiences: These dates may be better to save for this weekend.
  1. $16 Campus Martius Ice Skating: Keep each other warm as you struggle not to slip.
  2. Detroit Zoo: If the animals can brave the cold, so can you. Get all the warm and fuzzies by watching these cute creatures!
  3. White Castle: A Detroit favorite, this fast food chain will feature table side service and white table cloths on February 14th. If you and your partner don’t take life too seriously, this could be your new tradition. Make a reservation here.
  4. A Night at the Oscars: The DIA and other theaters show the Oscar nominated animated and live action short films. Dates and time can be found here.

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