Earn Cash for your Halloween Candy

Did you know that you can donate you or your child’s extra Halloween candy? You can even earn cash for the candy you turn in! Because let’s be real–after the 15th Twix bar and the sugar high off unlimited Sour Patch Kids, your tongue is raw, you can already feel a cavity coming in and it’s time to donate your Halloween candy!

Why Should you Donate?

Most candy can last up to a year, some even longer. Why would you donate if you can keep your stockpile until next Halloween? Besides getting the temptation away from you, the real benefit is where the candy goes after you donate it. The Gentle Dentist in Shelby Township donates to several local charities that then use the candy to give to children in need. Bright Side Dental located all around Metro Detroit will donate your candy to be put into care packages for troops overseas. Keep a handful of your favorites and then help someone in need by donating the rest.

Cash for Candy

Most of the donation sites give you a dollar for every pound of candy that you bring in. Others have raffles for prizes you can win. Candy Buyback and other programs are for a limited time only, the candy must be unopened and certain programs will only pay out up to ten pounds. Gather up your candy and click this link to see where you can drop off your extra sweets for a good cause: Halloween Candy Donation

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