Budgeting Thoughts

Hey everyone!

My thoughts today have revolved around budgeting for this new year, so I felt it appropriate to share these thoughts with my fellow PSCU family.

It’s January, 2010. This economy has us all worried. As a junior in college, I often think about how I am going to survive in it once I graduate. Before working as an intern, I worked at Bearclaw Coffee. I still work there part time, and am currently juggling the jobs. I found for a couple of weeks that no matter how many hours I had worked, I was left with the same amount of leftover money. I was then given an assignment here to check out our new website (particularly the teen information) and found budgeting tools and information. (Yes I’m a nerd) I read a lot about it and decided to try it myself. I googled and downloaded a budgeting template for excel and used some of the financial calculators PSCU offers. Once I started recording every purchase and giving every earned dollar a set place, I began noticing the increase in how much I save. I also became more aware of what I was spending. If you are thinking about doing this, I highly recommend it. Be as detailed as possible with what you have to buy every month.

Any other money saving tips out there? Feel free to comment and share with all of us 🙂


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